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Digitalize your art or yourself with us now!

Take the opportunity and be a part of the new macro trend called: NFT

You are probably wondering: What is an NFT...?

NFT stands for non-fungible token and and describes that something is unique and cannot be replaced.

This means that your art could be become a digital and unique piece that only one person or entity owns. Even though the file or image of your art might be accessible to others, the original only belongs to the owner.

This can make a single piece of art very valuable. There are several pieces of art that were sold for several thousands of dollars, even from (more or less) unknown artist.

Creating a series of art can also make each piece of it more valuable, then when you publish it on its own.

Why should you do this now?

NFTs are currently the trend to make a lot of money with digital art. Your art or you will be seen and bought by new and digital native audiences around the globe. This is the next step for artists!

You will be able to digitalize your art and market it as an NFT - based on a commission model. You don't have to bear any fixed costs and simply receive money for the sale at the end.

We are a young team that specializes in digitalizing art. Because of our tremendous expertise in this field, we have a team of programmers who have great knowledge about NFTs and can develop them, on the latest blockchain technology, as well.

Do you have any questions?

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